Exploration of Ceramic Production Manufacturing Tools

Underglaze decoration
19 - Stone mortar
Used to crush colorant gosu (cobalt-blue) into powder.

20 - Mortar and wooden pestle
Used to further grind the pulverized colorant.

21 - Line drawing brush
Fine brush used to draw a design, especially its outlines and lines, on a piece of ware.

22 - Damifude (brush)
Thick brush used to in-fill the outlined design in gosu ink.

23 - Sujiguruma (potter's wheel)
Used by turning with one hand with the other holding a line drawing brush fixed at one point to draw a circle.

24 - Ushi
Used to paint a large vase with its mouth supported by its lateral bar.
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25 - Kakebachi (bowl)
Used to coat painted pieces with glaze by dipping them in the glaze-filled bowl.
Main firing
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26 - Hama (dish)
Used to load a kiln with pieces of ware by putting the hama with a piece on, directly on the kiln floor or on another tool.

27 - Tochin (stand)
Used to load a kiln with pieces by placing them directly on it or on a hama that is then placed on it.

28 - Boshi
Used to protect loaded pieces, especially of high quality, from ash in the kiln when firing them.
  # All the tools are owned by the Arita Museum of Folk Materials.