Exploration of Ceramic Production Manufacturing Tools
Overglaze decoration
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29 - Rokuhan-bachi (bowl)
Used to dip burned ferrous sulfate, a material for red paint, in water.

30 - Colorant mortar
Used to grind paint colorant, which is called 'hachi-zuri.'

31 - Gold scales
Used to weigh gold as paint. Accurate measurement was needed because pure gold was used.

32 - Mortar and pestle for gold
Used to grind paint gold. The pestle has an iron weight for better grinding.

33 - Brush
There are a variety of brushes depending on the use, such as 'kaki-fude' for drawing lines, 'bokasi-fude' for shading off color, 'dami-fude' for in-filling, and 'enso-fude' for circling.

34 - Turube and gesui-wan (water bowl)
A brush while not in use is nipped by a turube , with only its tip being dipped in the water to prevent it from drying.

35 - Uma
Small desk used to keep both elbows stable for painting
Firing after overglaze decoration
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36 - Hari-gawara (tile) and poles
Used to load a kiln with pieces by stacking piece-carrying tiles supported by poles in three layers.
Inspection and shipping
37 - Wara-sugui (straw combing)
Used to comb straws for packing products, being hand-made by the individual packing staff.

38 - Large and small knives
Used to cut straw for packing.

39 - Package
Finished products are packed with straw, straw mats, and straw ropes in different packing methods depending on the products.
  # All the tools are owned by the Arita Museum of Folk Materials.