SAGA Ceramics Road

For details of the individual events please contact the relevant information offices directly.

The International Amateur Ceramics Contest
LocationImari and Arita Wares Traditional Crafts Center
ContactCommerce and Industry Tourism Section, Imari City Hall TEL 0955-23-2111
The International Amateur Ceramic Contest is a large exhibition of elaborate ceramic ware works, which are not only from within Japan but also from overseas. At this event many people are able to deepen their exchanges through ceramic art.

Spring Pottery Fair
LocationOkawachiyama zone, Imari City
ContactImarinabeshima Ware Exhibition Hall TEL 0955-23-7293
This is a fair in which potters throughout Okawa Uchiyama put their works on sale beside their kilns. It gives you a chance to obtain excellent works made in the "higama-no-sato" (home of secret potteries) region at lower prices than in the market place.

Yoshida Oyamasan Pottery Fair
LocationYoshidasaraya Ureshino Town
ContactHizenyoshidayaki Kamamoto Association TEL 0954-43-9411
Yoshida has a 400 years' tradition in which the potters have remained in touch with their product users. This festival has been held annually since 1987 to promote the local industry.

Arita Ceramics Market
LocationArita Town
DateApril 29-May 5
ContactArita Tourist Association  TEL 0955-42-4111
About 650 ceramic shops fill the 6-km road in this festival, which is one of the leading bargain-priced ceramics fairs in Japan. It is a crowded event with about 750 thousand people from all over the country.

Kyushu and Yamaguchi Ceramic Wares Exhibition
LocationKyushu Porcelain Culture Hall, Arita Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall
DateApril 29-May 5
ContactArita Commerce-industry and Tourist Division TEL 0955-43-2101
This exhibition is held every year during the period of the Arita Ceramics Fair. About 500 works by potters in Kyushu and Yamaguchi are put on exhibit to exchange ceramic designs and techniques.

Karatsu Pottery Festival
LocationAlpino Hall at Furusato Institute in Karatsu City
ContactKaratuyaki Association TEL 0955-73-4888
This is a Karatsu ware event attracting a turnout of 10 thousand where you can buy both lower-priced exhibits and brand-new works. Special exhibits of Karatsu ware works made under a different theme each year are another point worthy of attraction.

Kisitakekei Karatuyaki Festival
LocationKisitake Furusato Institute
ContactKishitakekei Karatuyaki Council TEL 0955-64-2132
Gathered at this festival are all the potteries in Kitahata-mura where Karatu ware was born. A great variety of works ranging from vessels for everyday use to large jars and dishes are exhibited and sold.

Shidayaki Ware Furusato Festival
LocationSidayakinosato Museum
ContactSidayakinosato Museum TEL 09546-6-4640
Shida ware was a pottery where vessels, bowls, and other items for daily use were made in large quantities for the public. At the Shida Ware Museum you can enjoy flower arrangements and the exhibit of pieces of ware unearthed from the old kilns, and also have the experience of potting on a potter's wheel.