SAGA Ceramics Road

For details of the individual events please contact the relevant information offices directly.

Karatsu Pottery Festival
LocationAlpino Hall at Furusato Institute in Karatsu City
ContactKaratsuyaki Association (Karatsu Ware Association) TEL 0955-73-4888
This is an event of Karatsu ware attracting a turnout of 10 thousand where you can buy lower-priced exhibits and brand-new works. Special exhibits of Karatsu ware works made under a different theme each year are another point worth of attraction.

The World's Largest Climbing Kiln Festival in TAKEO
Location(Takekoba Kirunnomori Park)
ContactCommerce and Industry Tourism Section, Takeo City Hall TEL 0954-23-9237
In this event ceramic ware pieces collected from all over the country are fired in the world's largest climbing kiln "Hiryugama." After finishg, those wares are put on exhibit.

Shiraishiyaki Pottery Fair
LocationSarayama area, Kitashigeyasu-Cho
ContactIndustry Section, Kitashigeyasu-Cho hall TEL 9042-89-2111
This is an event where all the seven potteries open their kilns at the same time, making the usually calm village full of life. The pottery stores sell a large number of stoneware and porcelain wares and are crowded with ceramics lovers both inside and outside Saga Prefecture.

(Ureshino-Nohohon Yoshida Ware Fair)
LocationHizenyoshidayaki Kamamoto Hall
Dateearly-Oct.- early-Nov.
ContactHizenyoshidayaki Kamamoto Association TEL 0954-43-9411
In this event you can enjoy Hizen Yoshida ware through the Ureshino Exhibition of Old Stoneware and Porcelain and a stamp collecting rally in a tour of the kilns, and also in a gourmet restaurant using Yoshida ceramics as well.

(Arita Ware Hands-on Festival)
LocationArita Town
ContactArita Commerce-industry and Tourist Division TEL 0955-43-2101
This event brings you in touch with Arita ware through a Raku earthenware contest, the experience of decoration and wheel-forming, and a stamp collecting rally in a tour around the town. Free bus services are available in the town during the period.

Mass for Bowls・Arita-ware Bowls Festival
ContactAritayakiorosidannchi Association TEL 0955-43-2288
This is a memorial service for late potters featuring ceramic tea bowls in daily use. During the period a number of events are held such as exchanges of chipped or broken but still precious tea bowls and auctions of famous potters' works.

Nabeshima Autumn Pottery Festival
LocationOkawachiyama zone, Imari City
ContactImarinabeshima Ware Exhibition Hall TEL 0955-23-7293
This is a festival held to praise our ancestors for preserving the official kiln patronized by the Nabeshima domain, where pottery fairs, a memorial service for paint brushes, and a Raku earthenware contest are held.

Kishitake Fire Festival
LocationHata-Hachiman Shrine in Kitahata-mura
ContactKishitakekei Karatuyaki Council TEL 0955-64-2132
This is an event for Ko-Garatsu ware descended from Kishidake, where a tour of the old kilns, and an exhibition and sale of Karatsu ware are held.

Mintou Fire Festival
LocationKuromuta area, Takeuchi-Cho
ContactCommerce and Industry Tourism Section, Takeo City Hall TEL 0954-23-9237
This is a stoneware fair by the potteries of Kuromuta and Tatara, whose wares are characterized by a simple, rustic, and warm feeling.

Shidayaki Ware Furusato Festival
LocationSidayakinosato Museum
ContactSidayakinosato Museum TEL 09546-6-4640
Shida ware is a pottery whose vessels, bowls, and other items for daily use were made in large quantities for the general public. At the Shida Ware Museum you can enjoy flower arrangement and the exhibit of those ware pieces unearthed from the old kilns, and gain some experience of potting on a potter's wheel.