Exploration of Ceramic Production

Process of Manufacturing Stoneware

Among the forming techniques are the wheel-forming method, which is most commonly used, the paddling (tataki) method, and itaokoshi himozukuri (forming by laying strings of clay on the base formed on a round wooden board and paddling it with a wooden paddle). The formed pieces are allowed to dry and fired unglazed.
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Underglaze decoration
The piece is decorated with a brush, or with straw or bamboo without sketching.
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After decoration the piece is glazed and allowed to dry until major firing.
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Major firing
The glazed piece is finished by firing at 1250C or a higher temperature for 30 to 40 hours.

# All the photographs of the production scenes have been offered by the Karatu City Sightseeing Department. # All the photographs of the production processes and plates have been offered by the Kyushu Ceramic Museum in Saga Prefecture.